“WE have been teaching that Summer follows Spring for years… but I fear that we may be proved to be incorrect based on the recent past! Tomorrow’s Open Event has been postponed due to the weather forecast for persistent rain and wind. Despite that, we are hoping that as temperatures rise over the weekend and we march towards June, things improve and our many plans to be outside in the company of classmates and friends will be able to go ahead.

“Despite the showers, wind and chilly weeks behind us, the children continue to consolidate their return to on site schooling. Friendships are being restored and routines are stabilising for most pupils now. Thank you for all you are doing at home to help us nurture personal confidence and the children’s sense of security. Each restored element of our previous normal is welcomed by staff and pupils alike. It is good to look forward to further tweaks to our procedures from the 17th May, assuming we stay on track nationally.

“We wish you a dry and restful weekend ahead of our busy week in school with form photographs, assessments, rehearsals and sporting events all featuring for many.”

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