“TODAY marked the close of a period in the children’s education which has seen them achieve far more than they can yet fully appreciate. Learning online, communicating in a variety of abnormal and remote ways, yet remaining engaged and committed to being the best they can be was a huge challenge for them. Whilst our adult pre-occupations with attempting to maintain elements of our previous norms surrounded them, the latest chapter for the children was successful due to their flexibility, positive outlook and “can-do” attitudes. We are very proud of them for the way they responded to the limitations of remote education, and any challenges they overcame during this lockdown.

“Next week the children will begin the adjustment to being back together on site and learning closely alongside others. Whilst restoring the academic equilibrium is an important element for us to focus on, re-establishing our collective pulse and sense of fulfilment at school will be the priority. Thank you again for all you have been doing at home to support the children in their endeavours and in keeping them forward-looking and aspirational, ready for the chapter ahead.

“Best wishes for a healthy weekend and what we hope will be a very positive and restorative week ahead.”

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