“OUR very welcome but brief spell back together, learning onsite at school, came to a close this evening. Whilst the joy of being here together has been restorative for our community, we have also been focused on regaining traction with learning as a group, and enjoying many of our other activities which make the days here so full. As we move apart for the holiday, there is a sense that we have re-established, that the predictable routines of school remain in place, that relationships are richer when being developed face to face and that there is much to look forward to as we anticipate the steps towards normal over the term ahead.

“Whilst we are very much in the here and now, we are also looking forward to the next school year, which is on the horizon already. I know that many of you will be interested to learn that Mr Boothroyd, Mrs Hill and Mrs Lack will be leaving us at the end of the current year and that Miss Cullum will be joining us permanently from September onwards. We will be sending Tom, Victoria and William Stockwell off after Easter with our best wishes for the future and be welcoming the Perceval-Maxwell family to Choir House in time for next term. We also wish a very fond farewell to Mrs Greenish, who has showered care on the pupils she has assisted here.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Mrs Lonnen back to school on a phased return from after Easter and have also appointed Mrs McAlinden as King’s Ely Junior’s Director of Sport to work with Mr Kaaber and the Sports Team from September. There is an air of anticipation about the future which is buoying us along and maintaining our future focus. Thank you for your continued support as we move towards a less restricted existence.

“We hope that all of your families enjoy a healthy and happy time over the Easter Holiday.”

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