“CAN it be barely four days since we learned schools were not opening? It is quite remarkable how your children have been able to engage with their learning from a distance with such success this week – thank you for all the flexibility and understanding you have shown by way of supporting and encouraging them.

“I must thank colleagues for their incredible efforts overnight to change from a near complete plan for in-school teaching to an online version for ‘Lockdown 3’ learning following the government’s announcement. The past three days have shown a collective desire to achieve all we can working together with you to support the children’s learning and we value the partnership we share enormously.

“These first three days were designed to allow opportunities for trouble-shooting and the embedding of our distance learning techniques. Mr Everest and the technical team have been working through any glitches with some of you and the children. The overall proficiency of the children working with the school systems is much improved compared to previous lockdowns, and we are encouraged by how the first three days went. Thank you for your support where it has been required.

“Next week we will be moving forwards in line with the outline in the distance learning booklet we sent you. Children should be ready to begin their online learning from 08:45, when they will be registered each morning. There won’t be a second registration before afternoon lessons commence but we will be working with 50% face to face contact across the week. I look forward to seeing more impressive creations or achievements and being able to feature them in the children’s blog at Why’s Wonders!

“With my best wishes for a healthy but quiet weekend ahead.”

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