“THE doors flew open yesterday morning (January 6th) at just before 8am to allow the children to flood back into school and quickly, the reassuring laughter and jollity which accompanies a school being full of children soon reached our ears. Term began with a great flourish thanks to the energy the children brought and so our first, short week delivered an upbeat return to school for the Lent Term 2022.

“Very few children were away for the first days back and we were delighted that none of the returning children in Years 7 and 8 tested positive when they completed their back to school LFD tests at school. Thank you for the vigilance obviously being applied at home with testing and for sustaining the twice-weekly testing as we move on for the older KEJ students. As was the pattern last term, I will confirm the number of KEJ cases each week in the KEJ Newsletter. We had five children isolating due to them having Covid this week but most are expected to return to school early next week. In addition, one colleague is currently off with Covid. Overall we were very grateful for the relatively healthy numbers present in school and long may this remain the case. We look forward to welcoming all of those recovering at home back to school very soon.

“Whilst the twice-weekly testing and mask wearing routines have been well publicised for secondary aged students, younger students are able to wear masks if they (or you) wish them to whilst they are at school. Similarly, regular testing with LFD tests for children in Years 3 to 6, although not official guidance, is also a really very helpful measure we encourage to identify any asymptomatic children. Please note that, as was the case before Christmas, if we identify that any KEJ aged child has been a close contact of someone who tests positive, we will alert you and suggest that seven days of LFD tests are completed at home each morning before school. For any instances where some medical advice may be helpful, our team in the Medical Centre are very happy to hear from you.

“With a great deal of activity planned for the children over the weeks ahead, we wish you a calm and healthy weekend ahead of our packed schedule for Week 2 of term.

“Best wishes from all the KEJ Team.”

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