“To compensate for the sub-zero temperatures outside for much of the week, we have been relying on the children’s enthusiasm and seemingly boundless energy to keep us all warm!

“Surrounded by nature’s icy beauty, we enjoyed a week full of visits, sports, activities, and special events for parents too! Year 4 parents win the prize this week for their frequent attendance, but it was particularly good to see so many of you coming to school on Wednesday evening for the Key Stage 2 Curriculum Information Evening. We are very pleased to be seeing you face-to-face more regularly this year.

“The week ahead is another busy one, with our Year 3 and 4 assessments happening, and the Year 8 examinations also taking place. Alongside those, we have external children attending for their entry tests and a Medieval Morning for Year 7 children too. Year 5 parents are invited to take tea and cake with me on Thursday, and then we have rehearsals for ‘The Little Princess’ on Saturday.

“We wish you and your families a restful weekend.”

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