“WELL, what an incredible journey this term has provided! I think that all of us are more than ready for normality to reappear and we are very hopeful that the promise of a full-time return to school for pupils in September will turn out to be a realistic proposition for the children.

“May I repeat our thanks for the support and engagement all our parents, carers, children and colleagues have shown us over recent months. Much has been achieved in partnership with our school community but we recognise the very significant load families have carried with us this term.

“All being well in September, it will be a great pleasure to launch into the new school year with all three hundred and sixty King’s Ely Junior students with us on site, energised by the anticipation of a new year’s excitement ahead.

“The Year 8 children and a few others who leave King’s Ely Junior today are very much in our thoughts. Their final week of term, whilst seeing many of them visit school, was not usual and we appreciate that the traditional events, which serve as markers for their rite of passage, have not been able to take place in their usual format. Despite that, there was every reason for us to celebrate our achievements from another very productive year at school at the end of term.

“The leavers move on in the glow of our admiration and lifted by our pride in them – all fuelling their next steps here at King’s Ely Senior or elsewhere. They are a fine group of children and we anticipate hearing great things about them over the years ahead.

“Finally, I want to wish you all a healthy and happy summer before a joy-filled return to school come September.”

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