“Mr Fisher spoke on Monday of the importance of nurturing self-discipline as a stepping stone to developing independence. As children mature, there needs to be a change from external discipline (e.g. ‘Do your homework’) to internal discipline (e.g. ‘I know I need to do my homework to succeed’), a move from dependence to independence. He went on to say that self-discipline should be thought of in terms of making conscious decisions that align with our values so that we do what we think is right rather than just what someone else tells us.

“He encouraged pupils (and staff) to regard self-discipline as a pre-requisite for success and also suggested that self-discipline is a muscle that needs to be exercised. This could start with something small such as putting a limit on your phone time or resisting the urge to watch another episode of a box set. Mr Fisher very much emphasised how we should view self-discipline as a positive force in our lives and its development as one of the key indicators that someone is on the way towards becoming an adult!

“Assemblies this week for all year groups focused on the important work of the Ely Foodbank. This provided a prompt for us to continue the fantastic support we give each year. Please do support if you are able to do so. There are further details on page 5 of this week’s Senior Newsletter.

“With best wishes.”

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