“FOLLOWING the tragic death of George Floyd on 25th May, we have seen worldwide demand for sweeping change to put right the mistakes of the past.

“As a school, we have welcomed emails from a number of students who have expressed their concerns on this issue. They have communicated their desire to see students better ‘equipped with the knowledge and empathy’ to speak out on issues of prejudice and discrimination. As a school, we are excited afresh by the possibilities of engaging with teachers, students and parents on these issues. I am sure we all wish to see real and lasting change.

“It is so important that our students have the strength of character, the knowledge and the determination to make a difference in whatever path they take in life. To witness the school community so passionately engaged in issues of discrimination and prejudice is to be welcomed. As one of the letters eloquently concluded, we want King’s Ely students to leave school with “a sense of moral responsibility and a desire to oppose injustices.” A view, I hope, endorsed and supported by all.

“On a completely different note, today would have been the very last day of exams for many in Year 11 and Year 13 and hence the date chosen for the end of the Academic and Enrichment course. I appreciate they will not be able to celebrate together as year groups but I continue to hope, when restrictions ease, we will be able to celebrate together in school. We will officially say goodbye to those leaving on Friday 3rd July.

“We also look forward to welcoming a number of Year 10’s and 12’s back to school next week, albeit in restricted circumstances. It will be lovely to have some pupils back at King’s Ely Senior for the first time since March.”

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