“THE commonly used phrase “A week is a long time in Politics” is very apt for education at present. I am very grateful for the forbearance and fortitude displayed by everyone over the last few days in reacting to the changing situation. We appreciate there are additional demands placed on parents at this time and so thank you for your support.

“Mrs Thomas has written to all Year 11 and Year 13 pupils regarding the A Level and GCSE exams. We appreciate that it is an unsettling time and we will clarify our arrangements when the outcome of the current consultation process is known.

“We are also acutely aware of the pressures on all pupils coping with the isolation of studying from home. Everyone’s situation is different and whilst some may enjoy the break from the classroom, for others this is a very tough time. Please be in touch with your child’s tutor in the first instance if you have specific concerns.

“On a brighter note, it has been wonderful to see so much happening in recent weeks: the start of a new Erasmus project; ECGC singing beautifully throughout the Christmas services; some outstanding ABRSM Music Examination results; the Barbers performing with Pixie Lott and a very successful StrictELY show.

“All the very best.”

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