“AND so, we have made it to the finish line! Not just of our ‘Captain Sir Tom Moore 100 Challenge’ but also of an energetic and action-packed half term. We have rounded up the half term today in the only way we know how; with great big smiles on our faces, feeling a positive sense of completion and laughing all the way!

“As I write, Year 1 have just completed their 100 lap challenge with their teachers and games staff. We all enjoyed running with friends, around the course that Mrs Walker had set out for us. We dodged in and out of the trees, waved at our resident hedgehog and said an out-of-puff ‘hello’ to a family touring Nursery! Never an uneventful moment here! It was lovely to see children encouraging others, holding hands for support, and cheering for their Houses.

“Year 2 then took over the reins of our challenge and flew round the track multiple times complete with a few cartwheels to add an extra flourish! Linda from our cleaning team joined with some 2HM girls to really make this a community effort. Reception and Nursery not only cheered on their older friends but also took part with gusto. Staff were racing to keep up! Determination, a quick rest, more water and off again…this became the successful routine. After calculating the pages of tallies, King’s Ely Acremont Pre-Prep and Nursery ran a total of…hark! I think I hear a fanfare….1,517 laps of the garden which equals the same distance as Ely to the Isle of Wight! Wow! We are so pleased with our amazing efforts and thank you for helping us to raise money for our charities.

“But of course, one day does not make a week and so much else has been packed into the remaining four days. Throughout this time, Year 2 have enjoyed their Stuart experience during the time of the Great Fire of London joined by History Off The Page. Year 1 have heeded the ancient moral of not flying too close to the sun as they hurled their paper helicopters from the first floor landing to test the forces of flight as part of their Ancient Greek topic, and Reception have said goodbye to their resident tadpoles, now small frogs, as they are released back to our pond area.

“Nursery are focused on planting in the allotment, whilst enjoying some transition activities with the Reception Teaching Team. Woven through much of the activity in the House this week were recordings of our Year 2 musicians to create an online recital, which Year 2 families will very much enjoy together over the half term holiday.

“As we anticipate the final half term of this academic year, I am pleased to introduce Mrs Shellie Bailey as our new Teaching Assistant in Year 1. Shellie will join us from St John’s School, just in time for our transition events and to meet parents after 21st June. With all fingers crossed, we continue to plan, rehearse and look forward to our schedule of summer events.

“In the somewhat rosy glow of our endeavours today, we all wish you a happy and restful half term holiday.”

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