“I RAISED a smile this morning as I read from this time last year the following introduction… “There is no such thing as a quiet day in education currently.” Well, ditto that!

“The announcement that Covid restrictions are not being lifted in time for our end of term events has meant that significant logistical adjustments have had to be made. I am very grateful to staff both at Acremont and importantly, grounds people and custodians behind the scenes, that you may not be so familiar with, who have been so accommodating to support our plans to complete the year in the manner we had planned.

“This week has been one of preparation. Crafting activities have been taken very seriously, with true love and care added with each pencil mark and brush stroke, as we all look to celebrate a very special member of the family on Sunday! Rehearsals are also heating up for our year group Assembly Afternoon Tea events in the penultimate week of term. Reception have be practising their ‘moves’ today and Year 1 sang so sweetly, complete with some actions and wiggles that I was easily lured out of my office to become their willing audience. Props are being made, lines are being learnt, menus selected and of course, careful Covid instructions have been risk assessed.

“Looking forward to next week, our move-up morning event is always an exciting date in the calendar for both children and staff. Weather permitting, we will conclude this busy week with Sports Afternoon, kindly hosted by KEJ, on Thursday 24 June.

“And so, until we meet in full voice, house colours and friendly competition on the sports field, I wish you a fun and happy weekend.”

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