“IN the aftermath of so many wonderful experiences at Acremont this week, a tired but happy community gathered after playtime this morning for a Sharing Assembly of the greatest hits from this week’s productions. We concluded with Reception on stage performing to “I like to move it…” from the film Madagascar. Well, clearly Acremont children do not need to be told twice! Everybody jumped up and joined in. It was a jolly and fun conclusion to a memorable week for us. We truly did bring Glastonbury to our back garden!

“After over a year of teaching and learning behind our shut front door, it was wonderful this week to open the gates to parents, and in a socially distanced way, to share the talents, hard work and enjoyment that our children have experienced as they have prepared for their Sharing Assemblies. The confidence, delight and courage shown by all of our children was very impressive. You will have laughed and smiled at precious stand-out moments from where you were sitting and indeed, there were many. What a positive way to finish a year such as this. Thank you to all of the staff on site, custodians, catering team, gardeners and production crew who have turned a potentially ‘can’t-do’ series of gatherings into a ‘can-do’ success, which will stay in our collective memory here for a long time.

“Nursery too celebrated a long-standing tradition at this time of year as all of Nursery 1 and 2 visited the garden and played and picnicked with their teddies at the annual Teddy Bears Picnic, which was a huge success. The 2021-22 Reception Teaching Team also visited and joined in as they become increasingly familiar with their soon-to-be cohort.

“Earlier in the week, a new event was launched in the calendar as a group of Year 13 students joined us at Acremont. These Year 13 students, soon to leave King’s Ely for gap years and university, began their education at Acremont and in some cases, even Nursery! It was wonderful to share their memories, their experiences after Acremont and their aspirations for their onward journeys with Acremont children, who were keen to ask about life at King’s Ely Junior. One Year 13 remarked to another whilst reliving balance challenges on the trim trail, “I remember asking you to be my best friend on here in Year 1 and you still haven’t answered me!” As their friendship has lasted throughout their time at King’s, I guess there was no need for an answer!

“As we conclude on the penultimate week of this academic year, we look forward to our Leavers’ Service on Thursday 8th July, when the parents of those children moving on from Acremont this year are invited to join us once more, under the arch of our saddlespan tent, to celebrate and bid farewell and good luck to our leavers.

“Until then, enjoy a happy and restful weekend.”

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