“ON behalf of the support and teaching teams at Acremont, may I wish you a very warm welcome back to school and to the excitement, learning and fun that awaits us in the Summer Term. We could not have been more fortunate with the sunny weather this week and it has certainly allowed for happy play times and productive outdoor learning.

“The children have already begun to investigate and learn about the breadth of their topics this term and have also made contributions to the planning as they discuss what they would like to research and know more about. Already children have been exploring castles, digging for dinosaur bones, and creating beautiful clay Tudor roses. Our topics easily inspire and encourage imagination and curiosity, and teachers have remarked how focused and full of questions the children are. You will see from the curriculum plans sent out to you that the learning opportunities derived from these topics are numerous and captivating. Drama and music also significantly feature this term as the year groups prepare their scripts and music for our end of term family tea parties.

“The children returned to school with a bounce in their step. Refreshed and relaxed after the Easter holidays, it has been a pleasure to listen to their holiday news during the week and see how well they have settled back into school routines. This is of course a term with transition in mind. You will see from the Almanack that we hope to offer a full programme of events from Nursery to Year 2 to support the children’s onward journey. This programme has proved very successful in settling transition jitters, as well as generating excitement and anticipation about the move-up.

“This afternoon saw the resumption of our Friday Enrichment sessions. Within our Covid-secure guidelines, the children remained in their year groups and teachers rotated into the different classrooms. The children were thrilled by this idea, and I hope that you will have enjoyed hearing about the activities on your journey home this afternoon.

“Having mentioned the Almanack, you may have noticed at a glance that we are entering a busy term. Please do make a note of key dates as we endeavour to bring them to your attention in the newsletter or through King’s posts. Please do join me for a catch up and conversation during the scheduled ‘At Homes’ this term. The first of these is scheduled, online, for Friday 30th April, when I will take the opportunity to introduce Ms Gervasio to Reception parents. I very much look forward to sharing with you the many highlights that this term promises.

“With my best wishes for a happy weekend.”

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