“ON behalf of the support and teaching teams at King’s Ely Acremont, I wish you a happy return to the Summer Term and hope that your Easter break was restful and fun. We have reached the final term of this academic year and whilst we have every intention of making it an exciting and memorable one, it seems no time at all that fresh faced, wide eyed and expectant children entered their new classrooms for the first time in September. And as we now find ourselves free of Covid restrictions, we can look forward to celebrating the end of this year and all its achievements with a full diary and so collect an album of shared memories along the way.

“The children returned to school on Wednesday with a bounce in their step. Refreshed and relaxed after the Easter holidays, it was a real pleasure to listen to their happy chatting and news sharing as we walked back to school from our Cathedral Service. This has been echoed by teachers over the last few days, as they fondly recall the journey the children have been on since the start of the year and the solid progress that they have made with developing friendships, confidence, conversation and extending their learning skills. This is of course a term with transition in mind. I have included some information for Year 2 parents in this week’s Acremont Newsletter regarding the programme of events to commence our Year 2 children’s’ onward journey. This programme has proved very successful in settling transition jitters as well as generating excitement and anticipation about the move.

“Thank you to both children and parents for supporting our book reading project over Easter. Not only has this given reading a boost over the holidays but the enthusiasm with which the children approached this challenge has now given Mrs Walker hours of fun collating numbers of books read and how that translates into certificates, stickers and book purchasing possibilities for each class!

“During this busy term we will keep you abreast of events and activities as they approach in the diary section at the back of our Acremont Newsletter. Please do join me for coffee and conversation during the scheduled hybrid ‘At Homes’ this term and we look forward to welcoming you to a parent information evening on Thursday 12th May, which will focus on internet safety. Dan Everest from King’s Ely Junior has kindly agreed to talk through the risks and pitfalls of this fast-moving area of computer games and online communication.

“Next week we look forward to seeing democracy in action as the children take to our Pop-up Polling Station to cast their votes for this term’s School Councillors. If your child still has a manifesto at home, please can this be brought to school on Monday morning.

“I am very much looking forward to sharing with you the many highlights that this term promises. With best wishes for a sunny and joyful weekend.”

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