“From the Team at Nursery and Pre-Prep, we wish all of our Acremont community a very warm welcome back to school. This week, I have tried not to overthink the injustice of such gorgeous weather shining down on us, just as we return to school and work for the new academic year. However, the silver lining is that it has made for a glorious first week back, and for that we are very grateful. It has enabled us to fill up the paddling pools and spend a substantial amount of the day outside in the coolest and shadiest parts of the garden.

“It has been a joy to observe how confidently the children have returned, both at Car Gate and Walking Gate, and they have bounced back into familiar school routines, new classes, and have rekindled friendships with significant success this week. All their teachers and I have been so impressed with their ease, energy, and resilience. New creative learning topics are getting underway, and there has been a happy buzz about the House and Nursery as specialist teachers return, outdoor learning picks up, and the children discover the newly refurbished learning and play spaces.

“We have welcomed new staff across the site over the past few weeks, and Mr Hart in 1AH and Ms Hamilton in RCF have very much enjoyed settling into their new surroundings. They seem to have fitted seamlessly into the Acremont way of things. We are all very excited to work and collaborate with them. Following her wonderful wedding in the summer holidays, Miss Lucy Wright is now Mrs Lucy Holden, and we all send her our congratulations. You may have already met Mr Austin, our Custodian, who has previously worked at King’s Ely for many years, and it is super to have him back with us. I thank him and all the Grounds and Housekeeping Teams for working so hard to bring the site up to its usual well-manicured self after a summer of major works. I look forward to turning our attention to refurbishing the Nursery as our next ‘estates’ project.

“Our start of term Cathedral Service provided a grand and memorable beginning to the week, and whilst certain phonic sounds, times-tables, and the placing of a full stop may have slipped our memories over the holidays, the fact that today is ‘Fishy Friday’ certainly has not! It is good to know all that is new, at the start of the year, comfortably sits alongside the reassuringly familiar! I wish you all a restful and happy weekend.”

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