“As we have enjoyed an unusually warm week for this time of year, staff and children have certainly made the most of it as they took their learning outside, as well as enjoying a trip to Clara’s Garden by our Reception children. We began the week with an interesting assembly message about the positive impact sleep has on our body and thinking, and we completed the week with our much anticipated first School Council Elections of the year.

“Sadly, Lucy Frazer MP was unable to join us for the elections due to other commitments, but this did not deter our spirits or anticipation. Our ‘pop-up’ Polling Station was opened at 9 o’clock and the lid from the ‘flamingo of democracy’, Mrs Lever’s special election pen, came off and registered the first voters to arrive! Mrs Walker oversaw events and then coordinated the all-important count. We were very pleased to announce this term’s Councillors in Celebration Assembly and they will jump into their responsibilities next week, as they look through all of the manifestos to decide on what they would like to work towards this term.

“You may have heard in the news that the BBC 500 Words story writing competition has opened. As a school that values creativity, imaginative thinking, and the excitement of reading and writing stories, it seems only right to me that we support this national endeavour. And so, on 17th October, we will celebrate ‘Let’s be a Storyteller’ day as jump off our usual Tuesday timetable, and leap into the world of our imaginations. We have planned a wonderful day of adventure, drama, suspense, laughter, and happy endings, as we create, write, and share stories with each other. Everyone from Nursery 1 to Year 2 will have an opportunity to be a storyteller, whether telling their story through role play, puppets, narration, or more complex independent writing, there is a storyteller in us all. Certificates and house points will be on offer and with the help of the School Council, we will hand out some book vouchers too. If they wish to, our pupils aged 5 and over can then use their story to enter the 500 Words competition. We will send details of how entries can be made in due course, however we hope that in discussing this with your family over the coming week, your child will start thinking of brilliant ideas for their work on our Storytelling Day.

“Looking ahead to next week, Reception will be learning about the important work that the Fire Service does in our community. We also welcome Nursery families to a seasonal ‘Stay and Play’ on Thursday morning, and Reception parents to the next ‘Step into the Classroom’ visit, which will be followed by the Reception ‘At Home’ coffee on Friday morning. We look forward to sharing a round up of these events with you next week.

“With my best wishes for an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.”

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