“UNDETERRED by the weather this week, Nursery and School life continues to have an outdoor flavour about it. Children in Nursery have continued their imaginative play both in the playground and garden, Forest School Club are focusing on den making, Year 2 have swam in all weathers and we are very excited to have discovered a new pupil at Acremont who really shouldn’t be trotting around during the day, but just can’t stay away!

“’Is it a rat, I’ve seen a rat?’, I heard an Acremont child say. A phrase similar to, ‘Hmm! I hope not,’ came to mind. We all went searching and discovered that the little brown creature bombing across the garden by the oak tree was a hedgehog. Utter delight prevailed from both staff and children. Our new garden resident has sparked a week of research and interest. We now have a number of hedgehog facts at our fingertips and after an assembly challenge to research the collective noun for a group of hedgehogs, I am pleased to announce that the Year 1 classes were first to discover that it is a ‘prickle’ of hedgehogs and we all thought this was very good fun! Thank you to Mrs Walker for taking our hedgehog to the vet and reassuring us all in our Thursday assembly that the hedgehog is well, not under weight and is actually female! She now resides in the peace and safety of our wildlife garden, in her very own bespoke den and from daily observations, seems to have made herself at home and was snoozing happily this morning.

“Away from our wildlife excitement, life at Acremont and Nursery is in a happy rhythm; it is settled, joyful and jam packed with learning. We are aware that there isn’t a moment to spare in this year of strange times and we are making the very most of the time that the Summer Term has to offer. Teachers are confident, children are eager, and we are all committed to ensuring that this is a year to remember, not just for its strangeness, but for its ultimate success that has stemmed from energy, empathy and creativity.

“With my best wishes for a happy and restful weekend.”

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