“IN a year of strange times, changing routines and doing without, I am certain you will join me in acknowledging, yet again, how extraordinary your children are. Our Sports Afternoon yesterday highlighted the resilience, joy and skill of our young Acremont children as we celebrated our first public event since February 2020. Your participation in this event absolutely raised our anticipation and excitement, and it was memorable to celebrate all of the many sporting achievements together.

“Far from missing contact and interaction, it was wonderful to see the community that surrounds your children and the support and encouragement they receive, not only in having high expectations of their sporting endeavours, but importantly with words and actions of kindness, reassurance and encouragement. Although a small section of the school and physically distanced from the hub of things, it was superb yesterday to see pupils from King’s Ely Junior and King’s Ely Senior, as well as Sports Teachers from these sections taking part. Thank you to you all!
There were many highlights from yesterday’s event and from asking this question to children this morning as they came into school, these largely centred around lollipops and stickers, so I am pleased we got that right! Personal challenge, laughter and togetherness ranked high for me.

“But of course, there was more to our week than the Acremont Sports Afternoon and Move-Up Morning always causes a flurry of emotions and a whirlwind of temporary excitement as it becomes clear that it was only a taster session and we must wait until September for the real thing! Inevitably change can also be unsettling and so please do contact your class teacher or key worker with any feedback should you need to.

“We look forward to the final weeks of term and further events with outdoor joint ventures of parents and school, and I know you are in for a treat!

“With my best wishes for a relaxing weekend.”

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