“FROM a rather soggy start, we have finished the week in sunshine and the children have been running, chasing and collecting outside without the need to take up valuable playtime changing into wellies!

“Life on the Acremont site is now settling into a comfortable rhythm and we aim to continue in this steady routine through to the end of term, encouraging, consolidating and extending learning skills, ready to support those early days in new year groups, in September.

“In assembly this morning, I asked the children to choose just the right adjective to describe the week in their class and ‘independent’, ‘creativity’, ‘resilient’ and ‘kind’ were super describers of a busy and positive week.

“During our Monday morning Year 2 ‘Zoom’ session, even though at home and away from the bustle and fizz of the Year 2 corridor, children were chatty, supportive, working hard and keen to share with their classmates. Keep it up Year 2, you are never far from our thoughts!

“With my best wishes for a warm, dry and happy weekend…”

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