“WE begin the year with a fully functioning Nursery, lockdown learning for the vast majority of Pre-Prep and classroom teaching for key worker children.

“Our planned INSET for staff was turned on its head on Tuesday, following the Government announcement that schools were to close. With forethought, planning and purchasing resources in the Michaelmas Term, staff were well placed to begin their preparation for our new blended learning, both at home and in the classroom, as well as prepare wonderful packs of resources to get out to the children.

“The full curriculum will begin on Monday and without over burdening families with emails, Zoom invitations and printable resources, we aim, as before, to achieve a successful balance of remaining connected, of making academic progress, of supporting the wellbeing of children, parents and staff, and most importantly, find moments of joy, remember to smile and be kind to ourselves.

“I have witnessed so many moments of joy this week, ranging from excited conversations with Nursery 2 children about Christmas, the beautiful manners of key worker children as they greet me so politely in the morning, to the productive and happy examples of home learning. We can do this!

“I would like to say thank you to the team here for their amazing adaptability and commitment this week and to you, parents and carers for your wonderful support and understanding. Your role in this joint endeavour is considerable and appreciated, and in the words of Henry Ford who knew a thing or two about team work: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

“With my best wishes for a restful and happy weekend.”

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