“WITH the potential for a snow day forecast for tomorrow, lots of exciting learning gathering pace and some hope of a return to school on the horizon, we have reasons to be joyful today. Contentment and appreciating the small things were themes in Assembly this morning as we aim to keep our spirits high as we approach February and its nod towards spring days ahead.

“As promised, conversations with Mr North will result in a return of our singing assemblies next week. Whether at home or in class, we look forward to reminding ourselves of some of our well-loved hymns, as well as learning some new ones in preparation for the Summer Term. Singing to a laptop screen may feel strange at first but, children, like all the community zooms we organise, jump in, be brave and it will be great fun!

“And as we look for ways to share and feel part of our extended community at the moment, we have a great opportunity to join forces and support the other sections of the school, both King’s Ely Junior and King’s Ely Senior, as they pause for an afternoon and take a break from live classroom learning on Thursday 4th February. In support of Children’s Mental Health Week and our whole school drive to leave our screens behind for the afternoon, we will take part in the ‘Big Draw’.

“Whilst our regular zoom invitations will still be sent out, emailing will slow down and the afternoon through school and hopefully at home, will take on a calm and creative feel. Using the week’s theme of ‘Express Yourself’ as our inspiration, all children will be asked to create a piece of art to express their feelings. There will be no prizes nor awards, no standard size of paper, media nor orientation needed, and this is not about the best artist, but instead please enjoy a low-tech afternoon together. If you are able to email these creations to your class teachers, we will set up an online gallery for us all to enjoy and celebrate this initiative.

“I wish you all a cheerful and restful weekend.”

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