“THESE are two pictures that I took during the Christmas holidays. The one of the Cathedral was taken on Boxing Day and the other, of the moon, a few days later. I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time to see the Cathedral turn red and for the moon to look like a pupil in an eye. All I had to do was point my phone up and press ‘click’. They were moments in time that passed, but for those few seconds, they were magical.

“Make sure that during this remote learning period you stop every now and again, and look around you. The moments in time are still going to happen. The sun is still going to shine, the moon is still going to be seen, we will probably get the odd rainbow. If you keep your eyes open you will notice all kinds of other things far more impressive than my two offerings. Treasure them, and if you have a chance to take a photo, capture it. We would love to see any special things you spot!”

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