KING’S Ely Sixth Form leaver, Beth Carberry, is off to the University of Nottingham after achieving the A Level results she needed.

Beth, 18, achieved an A in Biology, an A in Psychology and a B in Chemistry. Her chosen degree is Nutrition and Dietetics.

Beth, who joined King’s Ely Acremont Nursery in ‘Nursery One’ and who was Head Girl last year, said: “I would love to become a clinical dietitian and work in the NHS for a few years as I feel that the experience gained working within a hospital is invaluable. I would also love to work as an industry dietitian in the future and work in a commercial food company.”

Beth says she has been “fortunate to experience a wide variety of extra-curricular experiences” at King’s. She said: “From a brief attempt at rowing to participating in many productions, I really have had the opportunity to experience it all, and I am so grateful for that. As I got older at King’s, I chose to focus on sport, particularly hockey and netball, and I look forward to continuing team sport at University and joining different societies. I was also fortunate enough to be Head Girl during my final year and particularly with the pandemic, this has taught me many transferable skills into how to be self-sufficient and disciplined, which I am sure will help with University life.”

When asked what she will miss most about King’s, Beth said: “I will miss so much, but one thing I would have to say is the people from my year that I shared the experience with. I absolutely love all of the traditions and history that make King’s the place that it is, and I definitely have many happy memories here. I think King’s is different to other schools due to the closeness of our community and its sense of family within the year groups. In the Sixth Form, you are given a sense of independence but also the added support that you might not get at other schools in order to achieve your goals.”

Beth added: “I have felt exceptionally well supported throughout my time at King’s, especially during my final two years in Sixth Form. Even during the lockdowns, my teachers were always on their emails or ready to have a Teams meeting if I wanted to ask them a question or seek pastoral support.”

Congratulations Beth, good luck in Nottingham and keep in touch!

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