KING’S Ely Sixth Form leaver, Ben Marshall, is off to the University of Edinburgh after achieving the A Level results he needed.

Ben, 19, achieved an A* in Geography, an A* in Maths and an A* in Government and Politics. His chosen degree is Geography and Politics.

Ben joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 5 and was Head of School last year.

When asked what career path he hopes to pursue, Ben said: “I’m unsure at the moment but I’m interested in environmental law, so I may end up doing a law conversion course after my degree. I’d also like to travel the world so I’d love to incorporate that into whatever career path I end up on. As long as I’m able to be outside and see the world, I’ll be happy.”

Speaking about some of the extra-curricular activities he has enjoyed during his time at King’s, Ben said: “I really tried to have a go at everything! Even though I was not particularly talented on the music and drama front, I am proud of having taken part in the musical, ‘Oliver’, back in Junior School and concerts during my brief time playing the saxophone. Sport was my main area of involvement at school and I was able to play for the school first XIs in Football and Cricket for three years, as well as represent the school in High Jump and Hurdles. I also had the chance to be Head Boy in Year 13 and I thoroughly enjoyed all the opportunities that came with that, and learnt a lot of skills that will hopefully help me in the future.”

Speaking about the teaching at King’s, Ben said: “Because of the community feel around King’s, I felt hugely supported by all my teachers. They knew me not just as a student but as a person as well, which I think is really important. The main thing I found with all my teachers is that they gave me confidence, and without that I wouldn’t have found learning as enjoyable as I did. With Maths in particular, there were many occasions where I lost confidence but my teacher, Miss Bezzina, who I had for seven years, kept reassuring me that I was good enough to understand it and thankfully in the end I did.”

Ben added: “King’s really has been more than a school for me, so adjusting to life without it is going to take some time. I loved how there was always so much going on around school, and so much to get involved in for people of all different interests. I enjoyed all the sports fixtures I got to play, all the school and House events and spending every day in an environment I loved.”

Congratulations Ben, good luck in Edinburgh and keep in touch!

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