YEAR 13 student, Molly Whymark, is our Captain of Netball.

We had a quick catch-up with Molly to find out how she has been keeping fit during lockdown and what she is looking forward to most about returning to school…

Are you proud to be Captain of Netball, Molly?

“Since I was first introduced to netball in Year 3, I have always loved the sport. I am extremely proud to be Captain of Netball and to be invited to help encourage others to enjoy the sport as much as I do.”

In what ways have you been able to fulfil this role during lockdown – despite not being in school, have you been doing anything online?

“Due to the lockdown restrictions, we have been unable to continue our weekly practices. However, Mrs Goosen and a handful of our netball players are hoping to create a short video that will show the true spirit of our netball teams and encourage involvement. We hope to complete this over the next couple of weeks!”

What do you enjoy most about netball and sport at King’s Ely? 

“Whilst this last year has been rather different from what we were all expecting, over the years as a team we have enjoyed many great opportunities on the netball courts, from Old Elean matches to county tournaments. Each event brought its own challenge; ranging from strong defensive teams doing all they could to put us off, right through to incredibly tall shooters creating difficulties in the D. Our bond as a team has continued to be a rewarding part of the experiences we have enjoyed.”

How have you been keeping active and fit during lockdown?

“During lockdown I have been going on runs during our two weekly games periods. We have also been able to join in with various activities on Zoom led by our Games Department; ranging from circuit training to Zumba. Outside of school, I have had opportunities to join in with Zoom calls run by the local Netball Club that I am a member of, as well as taking long daily walks with my two dogs.”

What are you most looking forward to about returning to school when it comes to netball and sport?

“When we return to school, I am most looking forward to taking part in team sports again. The lockdown has shown me just how important it is to be part of a team and participate in a shared ambition, whether on the netball court or in any of the other sports that King’s has to offer. There is great satisfaction to be found in working to achieve a team’s shared ambitions.”

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