Our Year 7 King’s Ely Junior pupils took their Geography and Science learning to Hunstanton on June 15th.

The Norfolk seaside town certainly lived up to its ‘Sunny Hunny’ name, as students carried out an investigation into what makes it a special place, and how it has changed since Victorian times.

Year 7s studied the beach and sea defences, and also interviewed tourists (and a few elusive residents!) to ask them what brought them there.

Mr Parkinson, who is Head of Geography at King’s Ely Junior, accompanied the pupils with Mrs Melville and Miss Sudbury.

Mr Parkinson said: “This led to some really interesting conversations with people who had special memories to share. For quite a few of our students, this was their first visit to Sunny Hunny, and it certainly lived up to its name. We finished with an ice cream on the promenade, before heading back. We will continue the enquiry back in the classroom. We had several members of the public come up to us to say how well behaved and polite the students were, which was so nice to hear!”

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