What better way to learn more about Ancient Greece than with an action-packed ‘History Off The Page’ day?!

It was hard to believe that our Year 5 pupils were in the Morbey Hall at King’s Ely Junior on October 17th, as they were whisked back in time to Athens in 490 BC.

The theme was Persia invading Greece. The children entered this uncertain time as residents of Athens. They took on typical roles found in the Athenian Agora (marketplace) at the time. They served as wax tablet makers, lamp workers, pottery painters, fresco painters, jewellers and charm makers.

As the pupils worked, news and rumours swirled through the Agora about the battle. Could the Persians be defeated? Is Athens safe? The event climaxed with a wonderful production at the ‘Theatre of Dionysus’ while pupils feasted on olives, pitta bread, fruit and cheese!

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