Our Year 2 King’s Ely Acremont Pre-Prep pupils’ musical prowess and potential shone brightly in their Recital Performance!

The children’s families and teachers came together in Acremont Hall for the much-anticipated concert, which is organised annually to enable Year 2s to showcase their vocal and instrumental skills.

Our Year 2 Recorder Club, which meets every Wednesday lunchtime and is led by Mrs Davina Shore, performed fabulous renditions of ‘Chicken Cluck Waddle’ and ‘Jazzamatazz’.

There were then twelve wonderful individual performances from children, who either sang or played instruments, including the cello, violin, piano and guitar.

The grand finale saw all Year 2s take to the stage to sing ‘As One’, which is one of the songs they have been learning in their Music lessons with Mrs Helen Monk. To say it was a moving performance would be a slight understatement – there was not a dry eye in the house.

Congratulations Year 2 – we look forward to seeing your musicality flourish as you journey through the school!

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