GIRLS in Withburga House had a blast ice skating at Cambridge Ice Arena on November 10th.

A total of 38 girls from Years 9 to 13 took part in the weekend trip, accompanied by five members of staff.

Housemistress of Withburga, Sharon Jackson, said: “The girls were lucky enough to have the whole ice rink to themselves and it proved to be a really fun House bonding event. The students came with a varying degree of ice skating experience, from those who were clearly expert skaters to those who had never been before.

“The progress made was quite incredible, from the majority of the girls nervously hanging onto the sides at the beginning of the session to all of them taking to the ice with much more confidence by the end. A big thank you to Dr Ost, Seniora Salgado, Miss Saunders and Mrs Hughes for supervising the trip and joining the girls on the ice.”

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