Congratulations to childhood sweethearts, James and Adrienne Bridgman (née Schneider), who spent their wedding day in the very same location that they first met – here at King’s!

Old Eleans, James and Adrienne, first met at King’s in 2009 when Adrienne was in Year 7 and James was in the year above. The happy couple started dating in 2015 when they were in Sixth Form, and they got engaged in March 2023.

The newlyweds, who now live in Gloucestershire, got married at Ely Cathedral on May 25th. The celebrations continued surrounded by family and friends in our Old Palace and Hayward Theatre.

Adrienne, whose mum, Dr Caroline Skeels, teaches Maths at King’s and is former Housemistress of Torfrida, said: “I was at King’s from 2001-2016 and James was at King’s from 2008-2015. We loved returning to King’s for our wedding!

“It felt like we had formed a full circle by going back to where it all began, and in buildings that mean so much to us. The Cathedral brought James’ mind back to the Scholars’ Services and my mind back to Chapel Choir (especially singing with my sister, Georgia, who sang for us on the day). The Old Palace is where we started dating, and we replicated having a barn dance in the Hayward Theatre, which was our first dance together at a Sixth Form Social!

“There were a few King’s people at the wedding; a couple of Old Eleans from our school years, and a few teachers past and present, who are close family friends. We had an amazing day.”

James and Adrienne plan to celebrate their honeymoon on a Mediterranean cruise in July, by which time Adrienne, who is also a Maths Teacher, will have broken up for the summer holidays.

Congratulations from everyone here at King’s!

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