REMEMBER the ‘Virtual Climb Challenge’ launched earlier this month (June) by our Ely Scheme team?

Senior students and members of staff were tasked, as a team, to try and climb 3,871 flights of stairs, which is the equivalent of climbing to the top of Mount Everest, within just a week.

Well, the results (complete with proof!) are in and a total of 22 students and members of staff managed to climb an impressive 7,518 flights of stairs during the seven days, which is the equivalent to:

Everest – 3,871 flights of stairs
Kilimanjaro – 2,578 flights of stairs
Ben Nevis – 587 flights of stairs
Snowdon – 482 flights of stairs

Well done to everyone who got involved and congratulations to Year 9 student, Heather Norris, pictured, who managed to climb a total of 1,274 flights of stairs!

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