CHECK out all of the items collected already for Ely Foodbank through King’s Ely Junior’s wonderful ‘Twelve Charitable Days of Christmas’ initiative!

The project only kicked off on November 21st and people can donate items right the way through to Friday, December 6th.

Each House at King’s Ely Junior is being tasked to bring in three different items of food/drink for the collection to try and ensure plenty of variety.

Queen Emma: mince pies (no alcohol), pickles, trifle ingredients

Queen Philippa: Christmas puddings (no alcohol), biscuits, custard

Goodwin: Christmas chocolates/tree chocolates, small Christmas cakes (no alcohol), squash

Saunders: Christmas crackers, stuffing mix, fizzy drinks (in plastic bottles)

Thank you to everyone who has supported the initiative so far and for those wanting to donate items, simply drop them off at King’s Ely Junior’s Reception!

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