Children and staff arrived at King’s Ely Acremont Pre-Prep this morning (September 4th) to discover a fabulous new outdoor learning and creative space in the garden!

A significant amount of building and refurbishment work has taken place at Acremont House this summer, including classroom revamps, corridor facelifts, lighting and Wi-Fi upgrades, and the creation of ‘The Round House’.

The Round House has been built in the garden, around the stump of the 250-year-old Oak Tree that we sadly had to have felled due to disease. Head of Acremont Pre-Prep, Mrs Fenton-Stone, was determined for the tree’s legacy to live on, hence the idea of The Round House was born.

Not only is the tree stump at the heart of the creation, but Artisan Structures, the local company who designed and built the new facility, have used as much of the felled tree’s useable wood in the structure.

The Round House has made such a stunning addition to our outdoor learning environment at Acremont Pre-Prep, which includes the Tree House and the Hobbit Hut – both built by the Artisan Structures Team.

Check out the Peregrine Falcon carving on The Round House too, which is in honour of the Ely Cathedral Peregrines!

Speaking about The Round House, Acremont Pre-Prep pupil, Sophie, said: “I love it! There are lots of seats for me to sit on with my friends. It is nice and shady in here too!”

Oscar added: “It is so much bigger than what I thought it was going to be. We have had lots of fun in it this morning. It is really cool!”

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