TODAY we launch #ThankyouThursday – a weekly ‘thank you’ post on our website and social media platforms to a member of the King’s Ely community; be that a student, a staff member, a parent, a guardian, a former pupil or a friend of the school.

Today’s #ThankyouThursday goes to King’s Ely parents, Alistair and Caroline Steel, whose sons, Findlay and Charlie, attend King’s Ely Junior.

They both work in the NHS – Alistair is a consultant anaesthetist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn and Caroline is a GP, also in King’s Lynn.

Alistair said: “My work mostly involves providing anaesthesia for operations, but includes looking after patients with emergency conditions and helping patients with Covid who are in intensive care. Caroline, a GP, has been carrying on with her General Practice work but in ways she never thought possible!”

Caroline said: “Working on the frontline has been challenging but it has also been a privilege and it is what we trained for. I think we have both seen enormous changes very quickly in the ways we work. Certainly in General Practice, we had to change how we worked almost overnight. One thing it has definitely shown me is what an amazing team I have and how amazing the NHS is.”

Thank you to you and your teams for everything you are doing Alistair and Caroline!

The family also wanted to say thank you to King’s Ely…

Alistair said: “Fin and Charlie have made use of the keyworker facilities provided by King’s Ely, particularly during the early part of the pandemic. This was invaluable as it meant we could put in the time at work that’s been needed to cope with the strain put on the NHS. More recently we’ve been able to establish a support bubble, as our work times can be erratic and we don’t like to take advantage of the school’s support. It’s a relief to know it is there though.

“We’ve been impressed with the effort Fin and Charlie’s teachers have gone to to support them. They’ve provided clear guidance for the daily activities, are always quick to answer a message or email, and the daily virtual class meet-ups have anchored their work. This term in particular has seen a further increase in the structure and support which has been appreciated by both us and the boys.

“Fin and Charlie are much more familiar with technology and modern communications than we could ever have imagined when we were their age, and there are many things we hope will remain part of modern school life – even the virtual parents’ evening was a well-organised delight!

“Thank you to everyone at King’s Ely for the efforts you are going to for our children. We look forward to the day when the boys (and parents!) can enjoy the myriad of “normal” activities the school also excels at.”

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