CHILDREN in Nursery 1 and 2 at King’s Ely Acremont Nursery went on a treasure hunt around the school garden, searching for yellow sunflower leaves that had been purposely hidden.

The children were very proud of themselves when they found the little treasures and quickly ran to Mrs Hunt, who had the treasure box to keep them in. The children decided it would be a good idea to create a giant sunflower picture using all the natural items they had collected in the garden.

They all set to work on the group project, considering the haul and deciding which items would work best for the collage. The finished sunflower is a beauty to behold and is proudly being displayed in the Nursery!

At King’s Ely Acremont Nursery, learning comes through play, experimentation, investigation and discussion, with Mathematics, Phonics and Literacy being learned through activities with our three and four year olds. Different themes are explored, always starting from the children’s own experiences and interests.

The Nursery has a Garden Day each week, when the children come dressed in tracksuits and wellington boots ready for a day in the garden, planting, tending and harvesting in the vegetable patch, hunting for minibeasts and developing physical, literacy, numeracy and creative skills in an exciting outdoor environment.

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