STUDENTS in Wilkinson House and Withburga House were invited to take part in a special ‘Scavenger Hunt’ as a fun way to mark the end of term and what was an action-packed week of learning from home.

Boys in Wilkinson House were tasked to find as many objects as they could in and around their house which would spell the name of Mr Allen (Benjamin Allen), with an apple representing the letter ‘a’ for example.

Girls in Withburga House were challenged to do the same for Miss Briggs (Helen Briggs).

Students then had to send photographs of their objects and items to Mr Humphry (Housemaster of Wilkinson) and Mrs Jackson (Housemistress of Withburga).

As you can see, students found everything from laptops to ladles and earrings to eggs to spell out Mr Allen’s and Miss Briggs’ full names!

Wilkinson’s winner was Ben Garrett, with Richard Garrard and Matthew Smith in joint second place.

Withburga’s winner was Rebecca Lonnen, with Tabitha Lacey in second place and Lucy Lott in third.

All six students received Amazon vouchers in recognition of their sterling efforts – congratulations all.

Great to see Mr Allen and Miss Briggs joining in on the action too!

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