WHAT an action-packed afternoon for May 7th’s King’s Ely Senior House Athletics!

Every race, throw and jump was well contested, with students and staff showing a huge amount of determination when representing their Houses.

Thank you to all those students who competed and to all the families and staff who were able to support the event.

The results were:

Junior Girls:
1st Torfrida
2nd Withburga
3rd Wendreda
4th Etheldreda

Junior Boys:
1st Wilkinson
2nd Osmond
3rd School

Senior Boys:
1st School
2nd Wilkinson
3rd Hereward
4th Osmond

Senior Girls:
1st Torfrida
2nd Withburga
3rd Hill
4th Etheldreda

Staff Relay Winners:
Girls – Hill
Boys – School

Student Tug of War:
Junior Boys – Osmond
Junior Girls – Withburga
Senior Boys – Hereward
Senior Girls – Torfrida

Staff Tug of War:
Girls – Day House Tutors
Boys – Day House Tutors

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