THE results of the ‘King’s Ely Senior 5km Challenge’ are in!

Mr Green and Miss Stewart launched the initiative and over the last week or so, running-loving students and staff have been taking part.

Mr Green set the benchmark with 24 minutes, 11 seconds but what he thought was a solid time was soon shown up to be quite irrelevant by the speed and endurance shown by students, Alice Wallace (21 minutes, 43 seconds), Sam Barber (21 minutes, 46 seconds), Izzy Lewis (23 minutes, 10 seconds) and Sam Martin (23 minutes, 51 seconds).

Well done to everyone who took part – including Mr Huntington (21 minutes, 54 seconds), Miss Stewart (20 minutes, 9 seconds) and Mr Currie, who is officially the fastest member of King’s Ely Senior, completing his 5km in 19 minutes and 50 seconds – see the photo attached for proof!

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