MORE than 60 of our Year 9 King’s Ely Senior students visited Qualcomm in Cambridge as part of their STEM enrichment programme.

Their visit started with an overview of the company and a talk about career opportunities there. The students were then taken around four different labs. In one of the labs, the students met a test engineer who explained how testing of the microchips was carried out, and they showed the students the ovens needed for the testing.

In another lab, the students ventured into the anechoic chamber, which is a room void of any echoes. The students then saw a 3D printer and were explained its usage within the company and how small devices were drawn on computer and then created with the 3D printer. Finally some students got to see a machine putting components onto circuit boards at a very quick speed.

The tour ended with the students meeting three new recruits at the company who shared their experience in what made them study a STEM subject.

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