IT was International Boarding Day on October 9th – an annual campaign celebrated by the Boarding Schools’ Association and sponsored by the Health in Education Association.

The theme this year was health and wellbeing, and our junior boarders in Priory House and Walsingham House had a whale of a time making fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. The Walsingham boys even enjoyed a bit of spa time!

Loveday Perceval-Maxwell, Housemistress of Walsingham, said: “Fresh fruit including bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries were used to make Vitamin C Super Booster Smoothies, cucumbers came in handy for making soothing eye pads and hydrating face masks were purchased for some of the older members of the House!

“With great enthusiasm, the boys did some relaxation exercises before lying down to give their eyes a soothing rest with cucumber slices. Surprisingly the face masks purchased for staff of a certain age were in huge demand by the boys! Having shared out the contents of the face masks, it was difficult not to imagine a room full of Zombies rather than boys taking part in a detox and cleansing session at the Walsingham Spa!”

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