PUPILS at King’s Ely Acremont were in their element showing their grandparents around their classrooms and some of the many things they have learned.

The special Grandparents’ Afternoon welcomed a large gathering of grandmas and grandpas of Reception age pupils into school. The visitors enjoyed a fun phonics lesson and some Spanish singing with the children, and of course, they were shown some of the lovely artwork and displays that the pupils had worked on so hard throughout the term.

The guests were then invited into the school hall, where the children performed a delightful version of the folk tale, ‘The Little Red Hen’, the words and actions for which they had learned in class. The children sang and performed with confidence and smiles before joining their grandparents for some delicious teas, cakes and refreshments, which were served up by the school’s catering team.

Head of King’s Ely Acremont, Faye Fenton-Stone, said: “Welcoming grandparents to King’s Ely Acremont is always a very special date in the school calendar. The importance of grandparents in our children’s lives was clearly evident during the event and showed the warmth and love that makes family so important. Through drama and music, the children proudly demonstrated their fast-developing skills. Already our pupils are developing the courage, creativity and spirit that so typifies a King’s Ely child.”

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