KING’S Ely’s A Level Geography students were given an exclusive visit to the site of the new Ely Southern Bypass.

The visit on March 21st was made possible thanks to Volker Fitzpatrick, the firm which is delivering the multi-million pound new road, and it included a discussion on training and related careers in Engineering, which broadened the awareness of potential future options for some of the students.

Head of Geography at King’s Ely Senior, Helen Melville, said: “We also heard the rationale behind the project and how it will provide a solution to one of the most significant traffic choke points anywhere in the East of England. The detail delivered in the project is quite astounding and we found it particularly fascinating to hear about the architectural design of the viaduct and how it was modified to take into account objections on how it would affect the view of Ely Cathedral, the materials chosen for the build, why the project has already been recognised with an award for sustainability and some of the difficulties and complications that the team have faced.

“A short walk to see the unique ‘v shaped’ viaduct supports followed and we left from the site office feeling quite excited at the prospect of the bypass opening having been enlightened so thoroughly into how it is being constructed, the challenges faced and people behind it.”

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