CHILDREN had a marrrrrr-vellous time at a special Pirate Day held at King’s Ely Acremont and Nursery’s Easter Holiday Club.

Pupils dressed up for the occasion and had their faces painted at the event, held on April 11th. They also drew treasure maps, went on a treasure hunt outside, sailed in a pirate ship and, of course, walked the plank. The children also enjoyed making their own parrots and golden nuggets, and they found the ‘man overboard’ hidden in the bottom of a cup of jelly!

Children have a natural desire to explore, communicate, create and learn. At King’s Ely Acremont and Nursery, we provide ample opportunities for them to practise and develop these skills, both inside the classroom and in our beautiful garden.

Play activities are carefully planned to develop creativity and problem-solving skills, build knowledge and self-confidence, and encourage co-operation, innovation and risk-taking.

The teachers follow the lead of the child, listening, observing, and questioning when appropriate, to extend the play experience and enhance learning. Above all, play is joyful and fun; a captivating adventure of discovery.

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