A ‘blind football’ tournament was held on Tuesday 27th June as part of our action-packed School Diversity Week celebrations at King’s Ely Senior!

Students donned blindfolds and tried their best to play the sport they love. The event was organised to give pupils an idea of just how challenging football and sports in general can be for people who have visual impairments.

The tournament took place during lunchbreak, and the winners were the Year 9 Osmond House boys. They beat the Torfrida House girls’ team in the first round, and then the Year 10 Osmond House boys’ team in the final!

Celebrating diversity and equality is very much ingrained in school life here at King’s. We are a community which nurtures individuality, and embraces the fact that each and every one of us is unique.

However, School Diversity Week (June 26th-30th) was a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the importance and understanding of diversity amongst our students and staff; whether that be language diversity, racial diversity, neurodiversity, gender identity, physical ability, sexuality, or more.

Mrs Herring, who is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at King’s Ely Senior, and members of our King’s Unity Group, organised a fantastic programme of activities and events to celebrate the annual campaign. More photos to come!

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