Congratulations to King’s Ely Sixth Form student, Sayuri Okunushi, who has achieved her Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) Diploma in Piano!

Sayuri, who is from Tokyo, has been playing the piano since the age of 3. She joined our King’s Ely International Year 11 programme in 2021, and stayed at King’s for her A-Level studies.

The ATCL is equivalent in standard to the first year recital of an undergraduate degree. Sayuri is just about to start Year 13!

We had a quick catch-up with super-skilled Sayuri following her fabulous achievement…

Sayuri, what do you enjoy most about playing the piano?

“I enjoy challenging pieces the most, and I also love playing four hands duet, because I can collaborate with other people, which is fascinating.”

What is your most memorable performance on the piano in Ely?

“I had an amazing opportunity to play one of my favourite pieces of Mozart piano concertos in Ely Cathedral in Year 11.”

Do you play any other instruments?

“I also play the cello. I have just done my Grade 7 exam this summer.”

How do you find the Music Department at King’s?

“The Music Department is definitely one of the most important and enjoyable departments in school for me. I am involved in lots of Music activities, such as piano trio, orchestra, string orchestra, etc. Lots of students at King’s are involved in these activities. I also study A-Level Music. I appreciate the fact that I can have support lessons and have a conversation about universities and conservatoires with the staff, which I find very helpful.”

Why did you/your family choose King’s?

“The Music Department was definitely a key factor. I came from Japan to not only learn English, but to also study real Music in the UK.”

Do you enjoy attending the Royal College of Music Junior Department?

“I have an individual lesson with a Professor at RCM every Saturday. I am going to be doing more there from September though, such as piano trio, duos, musicianship classes, etc.”

What do you hope to do after leaving Sixth Form? Do you know what you want to do career wise?

“I am planning to study Music at a conservatoire or university. I have played the piano for 15 years, but it has mostly been about the performance, so I would like to study Music much more deeply, such as its history and theory.”

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