WE take online safety seriously here at King’s Ely, and our specially-trained ‘Digital Champions’ at King’s Ely Junior (KEJ) and King’s Ely Senior (KES) do a brilliant job of promoting the safe and positive use of technology in school on a daily basis.

However, pupils in Years 3-8 at KEJ have been taking an even closer look at digital safety since the start of term and in the run-up to Safer Internet Day on February 8th, which had the theme, ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’, this year.

Digital safety lessons at KEJ so far this term have included:

Year 3 – Personal information and the risks of sharing this online.
Year 4 – Google InterLand – sharing information, phishing, passwords etc.
Year 5 – Creating digital safety posters to help educate and inform their peers.
Year 6 – Designing digital safety eBooks about a game or app.
Year 7 – Exploring different online attention and behaviours.
Year 8 – Looking at how they are perceived online from their posts and how to stop oversharing.

Our Year 7 and 8 Childnet International Digital Leaders have also been organising and delivering Form Assemblies all about digital safety, creating their own fantastic presentations and answering pupils’ questions.

Dan Everest, Head of Computing and Digital Innovation at KEJ, has also created a special ‘Guide to parental control of devices’, which is being sent to all KEJ parents.

From gaming and chat, to streaming and video, young people are shaping the interactive entertainment spaces they are a part of. Safer Internet Day 2022 celebrates young people’s role in creating a safer internet, whether that is whilst gaming and creating content, or interacting with their friends and peers.

What a fantastic effort everyone!

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