King’s Ely Boat Club competed in the Poplar Blackwall and District Rowing Club Regatta in London on Sunday (May 14th) – and many strong finishes were achieved.

Thirty-six of our Rowers from Years 9 to 13 participated in the event, which offered six-lane, side-by-side racing over 2,000m​ on the Royal Albert Dock.

Craig Ward, Head of Rowing at King’s, said: “The morning division kicked off with our Year 9 Girls’ Quad impressively racing their first ever side-by-side race and finishing 4th in the final. Next up, Mary Garrod stormed down the course, taking in the multi-lane experience and recording an impressive time in a J18 category. Wrapping up the morning division, our J15 Boys and Girls’ Doubles raced up into the Year 11 category, both finishing 4th in their straight finals.

“The afternoon division saw both our Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Coxless Quads making large improvements, and both finishing 5th overall in a high standard regatta. The J14 Boys had an eventful row with a blade snap! Despite this, they beat two other crews to finish 4th. The day was rounded up by the J15 Boys’ and Girls’ Quads. The boys finished 5th and the girls finished 3rd.

“Poplar Regatta was a fantastic day out a fortnight before the pinnacle of our racing season, the National Schools Regatta.”

Rowers who competed on May 14th: Ollie Dickson, Zac Williams Gray, Niamh Gibb, Millie Moss, Sabrina Edwards, Felicity Konwacki, Lara Black-Borja, Laura Moretti, Sienna Burley, Mary Garrod, Edward Bailey, Eshan Abidi, Alex Keene, Mollie Chamberlain, Harry Walker, Travis Bierton, Yanki Ertem, Clara Torlesse, Elizabeth Boutwood, Seb Thompson, Benedict Rose, Aron O’Connor, Eve Williams, Xenia Marshall, Leo Ost, Quentin Mitchell, Raphael Bisson, Grace Stonham, Heather Norris, Will Tregoing, Matthew Chippington, Tilly Ware, Dylan Morley, Gabriel Woodman, Hugo Ware, Henry Moss.

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