‘The Little Princess’ Review – Wonderful, Wholesome and Willing

The marvellous Years 7 and 8 cast and crew presented an exceptional production last week, telling the charming story of ‘The Little Princess’ with extraordinary maturity. The tale follows the trials and tribulations of Sara Crewe’s formative years at an English boarding school, and particularly the wholesome friendships and wild imagination she relies on to endure nasty headmistress Miss Minchin, performed brilliantly by Erin Madigan, who gave a wicked interpretation of the role. Sara proves anyone can be a princess, teaching us that everyone has a tale to tell, and that kindness will always prevail even in the bleakest of times.

Lottie Thomas, as Sara, led the cast incredibly, giving an experienced and committed performance in this demanding role. She was supported fantastically by Rikhil Mathur, who proved a natural storyteller made for the stage as Ram Dass, the narrator of this endearing tale. Zachary Matthews gave a masterclass in stage presence and confident line delivery with a mature performance of Ermengarde, a trusting companion to Sara; certainly one to keep a keen eye on!

However, the success of this uplifting show hinged on the likes of Aria Keenan, who gave a commanding performance as the snooty Lavinia, wonderfully supported by other characters, such as Summer Grinstead’s adorable Becky, Sara’s best friend and maid, Toby Calvo, who gave a polished performance as Lottie, and Esme Dunn, whose interpretation of Miss Amelia was as courageous as the character who denounces her cruel sister’s ways.

Talent was flowing off the stage with an impressive cast, full of star performances; Clementine Thomson as Mr Carrisford, Jack Skelhorn as Captain Crewe, and Harriet Roscoe as Mr Carmichael, to name a few, were three very watchable young actors. I look forward to seeing more from them in the future. The spirited efforts of the ensemble actors created a vibrant world on stage, confident throughout the show and sparkling like the diamonds at the heart of Sara’s wealth.

Congratulations to Miss Chadwick and her creative team for masterminding this fantastic performance, and thank you to all the cast and crew involved for such an enjoyable evening.

Thomas Bateman (Year 13 Drama Prefect), March 4th 2023

Images by Toby Roney (Old Elean)

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