KING’S Ely Junior’s production of ‘Fame the Musical’ was a fantastic display of youthful ambition, talent and uninhibited joy.

The Director, Laura Dixon, inspired this huge cast to create a wonderful atmosphere full of energy and hope. The large cast of main characters played their parts very well and included a beautiful dancer, Iris Kelly (Nell Kittoe), the struggling but talented student Tyrone Jackson (William Hutton), the drama queen Carmen Diaz (Olivia Williams), Mabel Washington (Anna Ost), Nick Piazza (Matthew Jackson), singing and acting particularly well, Serena Katz (Sophia Garrard), Joe Vegas (Alexander New), Schlomo Metzenbaum (Finlay Beeton), Grace Lamb (Elizabeth Raynes), Goodman King (Jack Cheale), the zealous but conscientious Miss Sherman (Tara Nathan), Ms Bell (Arabella Guyer), Mrs Myers (Grace Livingstone-Bond) and Mrs Sheinkopf (Hannah Reveley).

Their splendid acting created a credible storyline that drew us inextricably into the heightened emotions of these adolescents as they tried to cope with the competition and pressure of a performing arts institution. The dancing, choreographed by Natasha Hobbs, was phenomenal with the cast throwing themselves into their parts and obviously revelling in the success of this ambitious production. The stage was constantly a mass of colour and vibrancy as they danced.

The music, directed by Neil Porter-Thaw, was splendid with the orchestra and its widely varied instrumentation and styles giving constant pulsating support. The set was ingeniously and judiciously used to represent clearly the change of scenes from the sounds and colour of New York City to the Performing Arts School. The arrival of the taxi at the end of the production was particularly effective!

Costumes, sound and the whole supportive team played vital roles in making this show a wonderful experience which was a joy to attend. Well done King’s Ely Junior!

Review of King’s Ely Junior’s production of ‘Fame the Musical’ by Rosemary Westwell

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